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Is the Zipflow permitting software portal giving you a headache? 

The following provides solutions to some common issues that people experience.


The City of Roslyn has onboarded self-serve software for applicants to be able to track their application progress and digitally submit all permit applications and submittals so that you have the ability to control how efficiently your submittals are processed in REAL TIME

The screens that you see on your zipflow portal are identical to those seen by City staff regarding where you are in the process, and what information has been provided with the application.  This means that you are responsible for verifying that all aspects of your project are submitted and available for City officials to review to verify that your project is code compliant. 

The power is in you hands!

Responding to Zipflow comments via email notifications

When responding to comments that you receive via email communications received from Zipflow.  Please DO NOT reply to the email itself.  In order to reply to these comments you need to click the link within the email, which will take you to the Zipflow portal and allow you to reply within the communication thread for your application.  We WILL NOT be able to access a reply to these emails unfortunately, therefore failure to respond via the link access to the portal will delay the processing of your application.

How do I upload documents for review with my application?

Each application process has required documents that must be uploaded to deem your application complete.  Make sure that you are uploading the appropriate documents to the upload link provided based on the description stated.  For example, if the upload link is named elevation drawings make sure that the drawings uploaded indicate a view of each side of the structure as if you were standing on each side taking a picture of that side of the building,  If you are unclear as to what the document is there is a comment/text icon to the left of each field that can be utilized to ask questions or provide explanation as to why you have not uploaded the requested document.  You will need to hover with your mouse over the area to the left of the document title and then click once the icon when it appears.

Make sure that any documents that you are uploading which are part of your submittals and need review as part of your application are uploaded within the application step.  DO NOT upload documents that you wish to have reviewed into the comment thread as this will delay the processing of your application.  If you need an additional upload link created within your application please send us a message and we can add the appropriate link for you to upload additional documents.

During the plan review step the zipflow system will send you messages requesting additional information and in some cases updated plans.  During this step you will click the link in your email and it will take you to the plan review window where you can attach these files to create updated versions per these requests by clicking attach file as shown below.  You can also add your comment reply here.


Why does the system keep sending me notifications?

The zipflow system will continue to send you notifications throughout the process even while your application is awaiting review by City staff.  This does not always mean that something is needed from you unfortunately.  If you don't see what is being requested of you when logging into the system, and you have uploaded all of the required documents then it is probably just an automated email notification.  To stop these annoying notifications simply scroll to the bottom of the email and click the link at the bottom of the email to stop sending notifications.  

Why is my application still on the same step?

Your application will remain on a step until City staff has had time to complete their review of the step and either request additional information from you or move you to the next step.  If we need something from you we will notify you via the communication feature in the system which will send you an email.  There is no need to be concerned if your application remains on a step for a period of time, it just means that we are still conducting our review.  If we need anything from you the system will notify you.  we are processing over 100 permits at any given time and your patience is greatly appreciated in the review process.


Also make sure that each and every field of your application has been completed.  For example the applications have required documents that must be submitted with your application to deem it complete. If you do not have the requested upload items you need to make sure that you offer an explanation as to why.  To do this you need to use the comment/text icon to the left of the requested item.  You will need to hover here with your mouse to make the icon appear, when it does click on it and the comment box will open and allow you to state a reason for not uploading a requested document.  


Make sure that you do not leave any blank fields in your applications without explanation or indication of N/A in the field as this will significantly delay the processing of your application.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 062229.jpg

How do I get a status update on my permit application?

You can log into your zipflow portal at anytime and check the status of your application.  Within the portal you can see the step that your application is presently at in the process.  This is the status of your application.  You can make sure to check the communication tab to verify that there are no unread messages with requests for additional information from the City.  Requests for status updates through this portal will return the same status that is visible within the portal.  Unfortunately it is impossible to estimate a timeline for the processing of a specific permit, however please feel free to check our current estimated review times through the information and guides for building on this site.

How do I add people to my application so that they can access the portal?

In order to add additional project participants you will need to go to step 1 and click the add person button (see below).  

Screenshot 2023-06-27 221226.jpg

Make sure to choose "yes" under the send notifications or the new person will not receive notifications. 

Screenshot 2023-06-27 221434.jpg
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